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Metallography Testing

Replica Non-Destructive Testing

Quality Assurance of Materials

At XPERT, we offer reliable and professional non-destructive testing expertise to ensure the quality of material and equipment. From construction sites, shipyards, nuclear plants and refineries, our metallography replica NDT evaluates the strength, quality, remaining lifetime and durability of your asset.

Benefits of Metallography Replica NDT

  • On-Site Evaluation:
    – Replication testing presents the opportunity to be able to replicate in the field – without taking the specimen out of service.
  • Abnormal Size or Dimensions:
    – Large or irregularly-shaped specimens may be replicated with relative ease. 

Providing Trusted Metallography and Replica NDT Services in Malaysia.

XPERT Engineering Solution is a reputable company that specialises in the provision of testing, inspection and quality assurance services in Malaysia.


Metallography is the study of a material’s microstructure. With a metallography analysis, it helps manufacturers determine if the material has been correctly processed.

Metallography testing uses inverted optical light to inspect a material’s microstructure, grain size, flaws, and abnormalities to prevent potential failures.

Our XPERT team takes replica samples of the actual products on-site and bring them to the laboratory for further evaluation. This technique offers a more efficient and accurate data analysis. The replica is made by a softened plastic film or by moulding with plastics or silicone rubber.

In-situ metallography testing determines in-service degradation of critical components of processes and plants operating under high temperature, high pressure or corrosive atmospheres.