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Authorised Gas Tester (AGT)

Certified Authorised Gas Testing Company in Malaysia

XPERT is an authorised gas testing company in Malaysia with the expertise to perform measurement and monitoring of the atmosphere in your facilities, required legislative requirements and appropriate documentation.

An Authorised Gas Tester is required to perform the initial testing and continuous monitoring of the atmosphere in confined spaces. Additionally, the continuous monitoring of atmospheric condition shall be conducted consistently with the identified hazards and risks.

Who is an Authorised Gas Tester?

Authorised Gas Tester AGT
Authorised Gas Tester AGT


Areas of Responsibilities

Authorized Gas Tester AGT

Additional Factors to Consider during Atmospheric Testing

Properties of the gas or vapour

Humidity and temperature of confined space

Presence of contaminants in the air that may affect the sensor and produce inaccurate readings

Presence of corrosive gases and mists that may damage the sensor and produce false zero readings

Calibration and maintenance requirements

Need for re-calibration during testing

The response of the instrument to low or high concentrations of flammable gas

Oxygen deficiency may cause a false flammable gas reading

Oxygen enrichment that may cause the instrument to be an ignition source, causing an explosion

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