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Radiographic Testing

Radiographic Testing (RT) is a non-destructive testing (NDT) procedure of evaluating and inspecting the material for defects, flaws, quality and structural integrity. The evaluation is done by using short wavelength electromagnetic radiation to penetrate various materials. Next, the radiation passes through the component and is captured on radiographic film. Our company provides radiographic testing Malaysia services that identifies defects in the early stages of development to prevent further expenses.

XPERT Engineering Solution offers an extensive range of radiographic testing Malaysia techniques to inspect machinery and products. For instance, pressure vessels, valves, pipes and welding repairs.

Benefits of Radiography Testing (RT)

• Requires minimum surface preparation

• Permanent record and visual image of test object

• Applicable to most materials

• Cost-effective

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Radiographic testing uses x-rays or gamma rays to examine any flaws or defects in manufactured components’ internal structure.

Radiation is absorbed and scattered as it passes through an object. The emerging radiation can then be recorded on a film. If there are variations in thickness or density of the film exposure’s dark areas, then flaws are detected in the object.

Radiographic testing makes use of X-rays or gamma rays, whereas ultrasonic testing utilises mechanical vibrations similar to sound waves of higher frequency.

Radiographic testing is commonly used for testing welded joints that are accessible from both sides. It is a dependable way to detect porosity, inclusions, cracks, and voids in weld interiors.