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About XPERT Engineering Solution

With our professional team, we deliver effective and innovative testing, inspection and quality assurance services according to your professional needs and personal preferences. As a trusted partner, we strive to enhance the quality and safety of your assets and infrastructures and safeguard your business operations.

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Our Story

XPERT Engineering Solution

Ahmad Fakruden Enterprise, created in 2014. The reason for our establishment stems from our desire to help our clients achieve the highest quality of safety and sustainability in their business operations.

At the beginning of our establishment, we started positioning ourselves in the provision of reverse engineering solutions, namely Advanced and Conventional Non-Destructive Testing/Evaluation (NDT/NDE), Engineering Inspection Services, Manpower Supply Services and Consultancy/Training Services. As our business has grown, we have diversified our range of services, which include Asset Integrity Management and Engineering Services.

We continue to remain true to our business’s foundation and aspiration in terms of practices and delivery. We ensure that our business practices are in compliance with regulatory requirements, and our delivery is in accordance with your business needs.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our values


Every test that we carry out, every inspection that we conduct and every counsel that we provide, rest on a vital fulcrum, integrity.


We provide counsel, validation and manpower that are reliable, impartial and competent, respectively.


We are answerable to all the stakeholders for our actions in every aspect of our business practice and services.


We believe in the pursuit of excellence to achieve the highest level of quality and to ensure our valued clients receive the best service possible.


We always believe that when the employees grow, the business will too.

XPERT Engineering Solution is a reputable company that specialises in the provision of testing, inspection and quality assurance services in Malaysia.