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Welder Qualification Testing

Leading Welder Qualification Testing Company in Malaysia

XPERT offers weld inspection and welder qualification testing Malaysia services for quality assurance and safety testing. Welding is a manufacturing process that joins two or more materials. Hence, it is essential to test that the welded materials meet the standard requirements and that the welder is capable of producing professional, high quality welds. Quality assessment of the weld may include visual, non-destructive testing (NDT), impact, tensile and pressure testing.

Advantages of Weld Testing

• Fast delivery of test results

• Assurance of product quality

• In-house training facility for welder qualification

• Adherence to government and legal requirements

XPERT is a reputable provider of Welder and Weld Qualification Testing in Malaysia.

XPERT Engineering Solution is a reputable company that specialises in the provision of testing, inspection and quality assurance services in Malaysia.