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DOSH Unfired Pressure Vessel

DOSH Unfired Pressure Vessel (UPV) Inspection, Authorisation & Approval Services

In Malaysia, the Factories and Machinery Act covers the regulations for boilers and pressure vessels. Thus, it is required to ensure the safety of any manufactured or imported pressurised equipment and machinery with testing and approval by an accredited third-party. XPERT has worked with manufacturers around the globe to make sure that their equipment meets the standard of DOSH Unfired Pressure Vessel and can be imported into Malaysia.

Trusted Partner for Malaysia’s DOSH Equipment Certification

Our DOSH approval services include:

Registration of Factory

Register your industrial workplace, warehouse, factory and more with Malaysian DOSH department.

Registration of Machinery

Register your machinery, pressure boilers, hoists, cranes (PMT, PMA, PMD) and other general machinery.

Design Approval

Submit your machinery design for an unfired pressure vessel such as those imported from overseas or local manufacturers for approval from DOSH Headquarters in Putrajaya.

Renewal Inspection

Apply and make arrangements for DOSH renewal inspection for all the certified machinery in your premises.

Annual Service

We provide convenient annual services of pre-inspection, testing and commissioning for Perakuan Mesin Tekanan (PMT), Perakuan Mesin Angkat (PMA) & Perakuan Mesin Dandang (PMD).

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