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Concrete Testing & Inspection Services

Professional Concrete Testing & Inspection Company in Malaysia

XPERT offers testing and inspection services for concrete, which involves various tests to check the quality of the concrete. Concrete is one of the most widely used building material in the world and is highly sustainable when properly constructed and designed. Thus, we review the material used, the seasonal influences and technique used to make the concrete. Moreover, we are experts at Non-Destructive Testing services for various industries and application, making us the preferred choice of our clients.

Our in-house testing facilities are equipped to provide a range of tests and inspection that meets the appropriate international standards. The tests provided can be divided into two major categories of testing, Fresh and Hardened Concrete.

Fresh Concrete Testing Services

Air Content

Slump Test

Flow Table Concrete Testing

Flow Table Test

Compressive Strength

Compacting Factor Concrete Testing

Compacting Factor ​

Vee Bee Consistometer Test

Sampling Concrete Testing

Sampling ​

Temperature Monitoring​

Making Concrete Cubes/Cylinders​

Full and Part-Time Inspection​

Hardened Concrete Testing Services

The testing in this category also applies to cement, mortar and precast concrete product.

XPERT Provides Reliable and Trusted Testing Services.

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