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Geotechnical Investigation

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Geotechnical investigation and rock testing are services that determine the property of the soil and rock on subsurfaces of construction sites. XPERT conducts comprehensive testing of geotechnical soil, rock and groundwater that meets industry standards globally.

The data of geotechnical investigations provided by XPERT will help geotechnical engineers on earthwork and structural foundation design. XPERT also provides various NDT and inspection services like hardness testing, magnetic particle inspection and more. Geotechnical investigation services offered by our company are stated below.

Geotechnical Testing Services

Geotechnical Investigation moisture icon

Natural Moisture Content

Organic Content 

geotechnical investigation sulphate content icon

Sulphate Content 

Geotechnical Investigation Chloride Content

Chloride Content

pH Value

Soil Sampling (Boring)

Atterberg limit geotechnical investigations

Atterberg Limits 

California Bearing Ratio ( CBR )

Soil Compaction Test

Direct Shear Test 

Geotechnical Investigation particle size

Particle Size Distribution Test (PSD)

Bulk & Dry Density Test 

Point Load Test 

Mackintosh Probe Test

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